COVID-19 Course Repeat Petition

CSU and University policy prohibit undergraduate students from repeating a course for a second time and repeating more than 28 units at SDSU. Students that do not successfully complete a course with a C grade or better after two attempts will not be allowed to register for a third attempt in the same course, and students who have repeated 28 units of deficient grades at SDSU are not allowed to register for additional repeat attempts. Grades earned of C or better are not repeatable. Requests for special consideration of these policies will be reviewed only by petition and under the following circumstances:

Due to COVID-19, students wishing to repeat a course attempted during spring 2020 and cannot do so based on the CSU and University repeat policy, can petition to repeat the course by filling out the form below. We recommend you speak with your major advisor before submitting your request to repeat the course(s) to ensure you are making progress towards graduation and to determine whether repeating the course is necessary.

In order to be eligible for approval, you must be able to register, e.g. basic tuition and fees paid, have no registration holds. Time conflicts between classes are not permitted. Be advised that financial aid may not cover the additional course attempt. Please see the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Request for special consideration of repeating a course due to COVID 19 must be submitted by the dates below:

Semester Submit Request Between
Spring 2021 November 23, 2020–Jan 26, 2021

If your request is approved, you will be automatically added to the class (if there are open seats) or added to the wait list for that term. You will be notified via email regarding the status of your request. You must also regularly check your SDSU WebPortal My Classes and/or My Wait List.

If your request is approved and you are added to the course or added to the wait list, you cannot change or adjust this enrollment in your SDSU WebPortal. If you wish to change the section of the added/wait listed course, you must contact the Office of Evaluations.